A Taste Of Ethiopia


When you taste our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, it is like experiencing the region of Yirgacheffe itself.

This light roast coffee is derived from the 1,700-2,200 high forests of Yirgacheffe and is cool, breezy and fragrant—much like the coffee itself. Coffee has a deep domestic significance in this region, as the origin of the Arabica coffee plant was discovered here. Legend has it that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century by a goat-herder named Kaldi. It was Kaldi’s goats that came across and ate the cherries from the coffee tree, which led to a spike in energy level. Kaldi then tried some of these beans to experience the same effect himself and took it to his monastery. There, he roasted and brewed the coffee to share with the monks, which helped their late night vigil prayers. Today, coffee is still an integral part of the culture in Ethiopia as its population of 85 million heavily relies on this highly valued exportation.

To most, coffee is a part of a daily ritual. Many can relate to waking up and groggily stumbling into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee reawakening the senses. In Yirgacheffe, coffee roasting and brewing is a ritual that doesn’t just provide a stimulant, but a cultural experience. There, the coffee making process entails a traditional coffee ceremony, which includes the burning of incense to ward off spirits, as a mortar and pestle are used to ground the coffee beans. After, the beans are roasted over a charcoal brazier in a pan. The coffee is then served in a narrow-spouted coffee pot along with sweetened popcorn or bread.

LIT Coffee shares a similar careful process in the roasting of our Yirgacheffe blend. Through the delicate coffee bean handling of our Master Roaster, the forests of Yirgacheffe can be tasted in our coffee through the charming notes of citrus, floral, and earthy tones mixed with hints of spice. Experience the vitality of Yirgacheffe in LIT Coffee’s heavy body, fine acidity, and delicate quality blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee!



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