Cream & Sugar?


For some, cream and sugar is a coffee routine staple. But for coffee snobs, the mention of sullying their black coffee is almost taboo.

Do you wonder why? 

The brewed coffee in your cup is special, and hopefully all involved (farmer, farm workers, lab techs, exporters, importers, roasters, quality controllers, production staff, shipper, barista, you) put a lot of effort into ensuring the different flavors within each bean is uniquely extracted to taste. Black coffee may be an acquired taste, but it is the purest way to enjoy the different beans and blends from their unique regions around the world.

Curious to enlighten your taste buds?

Try your favorite coffee blend or bean black, let it cool off for a second (or a minute) and take a couple nice sips off the top, being present in how your taste buds and brain respond. See if you can taste the different flavor profiles that your coffee has to offer and see how you like it. At the end of the day, your coffee ritual is your own, and if you aren’t converted to drinking your coffee black, well, then add some cream and sugar if that’s your jam. Can’t say we didn’t try.

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