Goose Neck Kettle


When it comes to making our LIT pour over coffee, some may think there are too many small details to make delicious cup of coffee. Keeping track of the specific grind and weight of beans, the amount and temperature of water; it can all seem overwhelming.

While these elements have a factor in making good coffee, a simple solution to simplify the coffee making process is by using a gooseneck kettle. Gooseneck kettles can be used for pour overs, aeropress, french press, and the Chemex method.

There are many upsides to using this specific kind of kettle for brewing coffee. First, the design of the gooseneck allows a continuous and even water flow from the kettle. This ensures that all of the grounds will be covered in the right amount of time, which is important for the flavor of the coffee.

Secondly, the flow of water weighs less. Other kettles with smaller spouts tend to have heavy and irregular pouring patterns. This is important in the pour over brewing method because the grounds are all submerged in the same amount of water for the same amount of time.

Finally, a gooseneck kettle makes it easier for the coffee grounds to go through the blooming process. Blooming is when gas that gets trapped within the coffee grounds is released. Since the water hits the grounds more softly than it would with any other kettle, blooming occurs more quickly.

These three examples featuring the gooseneck kettle adds consistency to both your brewing ritual and the flavor of your coffee since the blooming process occurs in the same way.

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