Popular Brewing Methods


“Popular Brewing Methods”


If you’re like me then you grew up with your mother or father brewing coffee using the generic coffee pot from your local convenience store. This popular method for making coffee was all I had ever known and I was under the assumption that this was how a cup of coffee was made. Fast forward to college, I had now been introduced to the specialty coffee scene by many friends and an interested had been sparked to brew my own coffee from home. There were many options to choose from in a very overwhelming world. I started using a French Press and eventually migrated to an AeroPress. Now if you were like me you are probably thinking what are those fancy contraptions. I’ve made many cups coffee and have come to love a world of specialty coffee.


Here is a list of popular brewing methods and the pros and cons associated with them.
Hopefully this information can help you decide on an alternative method for brewing you favorite blend LIT Coffee.



Hario V60 ceramic dripper

This is a fairly cheap method, $20 LIT loves to brew using this method not only for business, but for pleasure. If you love the craft of coffee and are willing to branch out into fresh ground this is for you.

PROS:This creates a uniform brew, super easy to clean up, and produces a delicious cup of joe in a short amount of time.
CONS:This method takes a little bit of practice due to requiring a the right type of grind and pouring technique.



French Press

The French Press has been around for quite some time and can deliver some very tasty cups of coffee. The Bodum French Press cost around $40 dollars.

PROS:This method does not require any specific pouring skills and makes about 8 cups of coffee at a time.
CONS:Because of the very primitive plunging method and coarse grind, coffee grounds tend to be found in your very anticipated cup of coffee. Clean up usually takes 5-10 minuets.

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