We are now SCAA Certified!


LIT Coffee’s Roaster is now SCAA Certified!

Here at LIT Coffee, we are committed to our coffee and to you.

We take pride in giving you an unparalleled coffee experience, which is why we are proud to announce that our roaster for LIT Coffee as well as our roaster is a part of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and The Roaster’s Guild.

static1.squarespace-2The SCAA consists of specialty roasting companies all over America that are dedicated to roast and uphold “quality as the principle standard for success” (roastersguild.org), and The Roasters Guild recognizes the roasters that help make this possible.
The Roasters Guild provides opportunities such as competitions and activities that fosters the roaster’s relationships with like-minded individuals so they may have a voice that directly affects the specialty coffee industry. It trains its members to be well versed in the “knowledge of and skills in history, fundamentals, art, and science of coffee roasting through an international community and year-round events”(roastersguild.org). This allows LIT Coffee to be up-to-date with the coffee culture in order to give our clients a comprehensive coffee experience not just in taste but also in knowledge and experience.

LIT Coffee is proud to be in the company of those who share the same passion and excellence of great coffee, and we want to share everything we know and love with you! Through ordering our coffee online, supporting us by sharing the love with your friends, or experiencing our coffee at one of our mobile event, you are helping us to change the world. Because as always 5% of all proceeds to refugees in crisis.


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